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Posted on 7 February, 2014
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Posted on 7 February, 2014
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 ι’мa read ғroм leғт тo rιgнт (ғroм lιғe pr. ιι)

a capella from here: http://soundcloud.com/harazokiyuki/yuki-ponponpon-a-capella

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Posted on 3 December, 2012

me covering @Grimezsz

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Posted on 24 September, 2012
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literally heard this as i walked into my bedroom.

i’m perf. deal with it.

Posted on 24 September, 2012

new track from my latest tape. meep meep. who got genes  to creep. merrrrrp

Posted on 21 September, 2012
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[me chanting over Chalice of the Past]

i loved him. honesty hour. i always saw him as a man that deserves a hand in marriage. even if he liked the bottle a little too much.



Posted on 24 August, 2012
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Posted on 20 August, 2012
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